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Database Integration

Integrating database functionality to existing website.

Database integration is simply the implementation of database driven functionality into an existing website. For instance, a typical case where database integration would be of use is a company that, at the time of the website development, offered a list of 5 basic products. Five years later the site design has been upgraded but the website is still in its static form. The client wishes to be able to add and remove products with ease at anytime. In this case a database would be integrated into the system where the client will keep all of his/her product information within the database.

A database is an extremely powerful tool for any website. It makes sorting of information simple and effective and allows your visitors to get the most recent snapshot of your products and or services.

Our database related services include:

We can easily incorporate database driven website functionality into your existing website without extensive re-working of your website design.

EB provides database-driven web solutions that are tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements to make your website fast, efficient and functional.

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