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Database Creation

All organizations, small to enterprise, including startups, are suffering from data issues. EB has created virtually every type of database. Proper planning and analysis is pivotal in any database design process. We begin with key data analysis, finding data anomalies that even the client is currently unaware of. We also gather and suggest data requirements and design databases that truly satisfy your business needs as opposed to building them so that they are compatible to specific hardware or software systems.

We have no bias towards certain companies or manufacturers therefore we will always try to offer you the best solution at the lowest possible cost. We also implement full database architecture. We guarantee our database design to fully meet all client requirements while being flexible enough to accommodate growth in the future without having to redesign the database. We are experienced in all industries with established industry practices.

Designing corporate databases requires a solid understanding of the role and meaning of a corporation’s data. This level of understanding in databases only comes with extensive industry specific database design experience. Currently, EB has engineers dedicated to consulting efforts in: Manufacture, Logistics, Telecommunications, Warehousing, Public Sector, Whosale, and Retail.

Our database design services include:

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