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EB Systems Integration Services

EB systems integration services help clients solve business challenges and create opportunities to drive high performance. We have a deep understanding of industry dynamics and business processes with experience in applying emerging technologies. Our insight, experience, skilled people and industrialized approach make us a global leader in delivering high quality, lower-cost enterprise systems.

About Systems Integration

Streamline and integrate business processes and IT systems across the enterprise to address every function, including CRM, HR, supply chain and financial management.

Oracle Solutions

Achieve high performance using Oracle solutions with our unmatched strategy, implementation and upgrade capabilities.

SAP Solutions

Use SAP-based solutions to achieve uncommon advantage as you reach for high performance.

Service-oriented Architecture

Integrate applications and business processes using SOA to enable high performance.

Emerging Technology Architectures

Embrace emerging technology trends early on to achieve high performance.

Microsoft Solutions

Leverage our expertise in Microsoft technologies for competitive advantage.

Mobile Technology Solutions

Use cutting-edge mobile technology solutions to solve business challenges and achieve high performance.

Radio Frequency Identification

Investment in this new technology is helping to drive competitive advantage in a number of industries.

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