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Open Source Solutions

Here at EB International, our teams of experts have extensive experience in different open source applications available on the market and have perfected the implementation, integration and customization for the open source solutions that we offer to clients. An open source software is one in which the source code is available under a copyright license to anyone wishing to use the software. This provides many opportunities for companies wishing to use highly advanced applications without having to bare the high cost of acquiring them as well as the expensive licensing fees usually associated with proprietary software. In most cases, implementation and customization of open source solutions can be fairly complex and require experienced technical personnel to effectively utilize them to their full capacity; this is where EB can help.

Most popular Open Source Solutions are fairly complex and developed in modules by a large community of developers contributing their expertise constantly to improve and debug the application. As a result such solutions are extremely powerful and robust. Any successful implementation of open source solutions is highly dependant on the competence of the development and consulting resources you have available to you. The best approach is to study the different open source software available and determine which one is best suited for your project and offers you the most adaptability in terms of meeting your goals.

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